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The game features of the hockey manager IceFighter

Du willst wissen was Dich alles im Hockeymanager IceFighter erwartet nach der Anmeldung? Dann bist Du auf der Seite genau richtig, denn hier werden Dir die wichtigsten Elemente, nicht alle, vom Spiel kurz vorgestellt. Alle Features aufzulisten würde den Rahmen sprengen, wir können Dich jedoch vor der Anmeldung nur warnen, dieser Eishockey Manager macht süchtig! Bist Du einmal hinter die Basics im Spiel durchgestiegen, dann ist es schwer wieder vom IceFighter loszukommen. Das ist genauso, wie bei einem Spiel der Hannover Indians live dabei gewesen zu sein, erst Recht bei einem Sieg. Die Stimmung ist so genial, das man immer wieder kommt, um gleiche Ausgelassenheit noch einmal zu erleben. Das ist natürlich nicht nur beim Hannover Eishockey (siehe so, gleiches gilt auch für Spiele der Berliner Eisbären oder anderer Eishockey Vereine in Deutschland.

Real time live game mode

With you, as a coach, take part in every game and may influence the game of your team any time. No result is a foregone conclusion - you as a coach can influence all of the results. Show whether you have got a lucky hand in changing blocks. Use the advantages of power play when your team is in the majority - and lead your team to victory on ice!

Player transfers

Since you are aiming high, you need a strong team. You can buy new players at the transfer market or sell players of your team who have got too old or do not bring the full power anymore. Only with a strong team you will be able to win the league and to win the WorldCup. But careful - the pro players cost a lot of money, they want a high salary. Keep an eye on your finances.

Merchandising and fan items

Another source of income in the ice hockey manager browser game is selling fan items. Depending on the success of your team you can sell T-shirts, cups, bats, pucks or other merchandising items to your fans. The better your team plays, the higher your income will become. But careful - not enough fire protection in your stadium may lead to store fires and destroy (part of) your merchandise.

WorldCup mode

The greatest trophy for a coach in the ice hockey manager game is the WorldCup. When you are qualified, you can show in the k.o. system how strong your team really is. Only the best teams can make it to the final, where huge prices are waiting for the winner. Do your best and try to reach the qualification for the WorldCup every month. Everyone needs some additional income.

Strategy and tactics

The strategy and tactics of your team is the core. Here the wheat is separated from the chaff. Now you can show that you have really got it! Find the best possible strategy for your team to be able to leave the ice as the winner. The strategy for your team also influences the value reduction for freshness. This is decisive for whether in the end you will be able to make a final spurt or simply lose.

Extension of the stadium

A sophisticated stadium concept makes the heart of a true manager beat harder. The extension of the stadium offers the manager further possibilities to increase revenue and make the team more comfortable during the games. The bigger your stadium, the more you have to create the according periphery and secure it, because only a stadium with a good transport connection will attract a big enough audience to your games.

Sponsors and advertising

Advertising and sponsors make the life of a manager easier, since then additional money comes in. Determine who will be allowed to merchandise the TV rights for the games of your team and what contractor may advertise on the jerseys of your players. The better you play, the more you can earn.

Clan game mode

Launch your own league together with your friends and fight matches every evening. Different clan modes for the games offer a great variety and if you win in your clan league you will get a new trophy for your trophy cabinet. But careful - too many games on one day also mean more devaluation.

1to1 team fights

If you still have not played enough games for the day you can always face the challenge of 1to1 fights in this ice hockey manager online game. Select an opponent and challenge him to a direct match with your team. In these 1to1 fights you can gain experience with strategy and tactics, to all the better be able to win the league games.

Stock market, statistics, chat

Manager games simply need detailed statistics. Besides detailed statistics about your team and your finances offers a stock market system and features like auction house, training camps and different training opportunities for your players. So that there surely can be no boredom whatsoever there is also a game chat on where you can chat with your opponent around the clock, before or after the games.